About Us

About Charcuterie by Tracy

Welcome to Charcuterie by Tracy, I’m so glad you stopped by to look around.  I am the founder and creative director behind Charcuterie by Tracy.  

After opening and operating T-Bone’s BBQ & Catering over five years ago, I have catered hundreds of events from weddings to small backyard gatherings and the one thing that I always found no matter the type or size of the catering job is that people love to gather around a table of food.  

Food creates a sense of togetherness and belonging like nothing else can.  This notion holds more and more true every day as I watch my daughters Alex and Maddie get older and realize that time spent together, is time well spent.  Charcuterie boards and displays draw people to gather around, graze the table of assorted items, share stories, and make memories. 

I started Charcuterie by Tracy because to me, grazing boards and charcuterie, capture what I love most about my family gatherings which is being together and having the beautiful experience of conversation and laughter while enjoying great food.

Tracy Mendonsa - Owner and Founder of Charcuterie by Tracy

About Our Boards and Displays

Think you know everything about charcuterie or that all charcuterie boards and displays are the same?  Think again.  

With custom designed, elegant charcuterie displays for gatherings large and small, Charcuterie by Tracy can make any occasion into an unforgettable event! 

Our charcuterie displays can range from several stories high and up to 50 feet wide.  Our custom displays include water features, live foliage displays and fruit carvings you won’t find anywhere else.  If you want a unique charcuterie display, you’ve come to the right place.  

We source premium fresh produce, artisanal cheese & charcuterie and delightful accoutrements that are hand crafted and created on site for each event.  Our boards and displays also feature award winning meats, smoked cheeses, sausages, and vegetables from T-Bone’s BBQ & Catering, the catering arm of Charcuterie by Tracy. 

All our boards and charcuterie display’s include seasonal fruit, vegetables, artisanal cheeses and characterize, unique candies and a custom color palette to perfectly suit your occasion. All boards and displays can be customized with themes and special touches to make your display truly one of a kind.   

Our boards, grazing tables and charcuterie displays embrace not only the luxury lifestyle celebrations and elegant gatherings but also simple everyday events and special occasions where you want something special that is also unique.